Special offer – set 142+145 and mini 144 Free

DNA Protection Expert Set

Products included:

142 Perfector Concentrate 30ml

145 Eye Cream Perfector 30ml

144 VitC Cream Perfector Mini Product 15ml (FREE)



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Products included: 

142 Perfector Concentrate 30ml - A specialist product to retain young and radiant look despite the pass of time. The concentrate protects the skin’s hydrolipid barrier, while also showing cleansing action. Anti-Pollution Oil Complex combines the power of potent anti-oxidants with regenerative effect: it tones, detoxifies, moisturizes and firms the skin, improving its protective function.


145 Eye Cream Perfector 30ml - Eye care cream dedicated to mature skin, with concentrated rejuvenating action. The anti-aging effect is provided by the synergy of vitamin C (in liposomal and stabilized forms) and peptides. By improving permeability of capillaries, Anti-Puff Complex prevents formation of bags and dark circles under the eyes, it shows a protecting effect and soothes the delicate skin of the eye area.


144 VitC Cream Perfector Mini Product 15ml FREE - A beautifying cream for all skin types, especially mature skin with uneven tone. Together with the serum, they constitute the ultimate weapon against time and degeneration of the DNA code.



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