Clinical Repair Care

An intense line for anti-aging treatment that can be used solo or as an addition and supplement to medical treatments.

It includes products for maintaining treatment effects and stimulating self-repair processes. It combines medical innovation, effectiveness and safety with pleasure and ease of use. Product recipes rich in ingredients with clinical effectiveness constitute a complex skin regeneration program. Clinical Repair Care is a perfect supplement to invasive treatment, but it can also be used as an alternative therapy. Products based on Matrixyl synthe 6, Colageneer and amino acids prevent loss of tension and flexibility, restore the genetic potential of young skin and intensively stimulate skin regeneration processes. They instantly improve skin condition and visibly smooth out wrinkles. These products activate regeneration mechanisms, offering long-lasting rejuvenation results that are measurable and noticeable.

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135 Age Reverse Concentrate

PRO-JEUNESSE CONCENTRÉ Ultra-active concentrate designed for mature skin care and for maintaining the effects of...

136 Laser Precision Filler

COMBLEUR PRÉCISION LASER An injection-free wrinkle filler immediately fills mimic lines and hollows around the eyes,...

137 Age Reverse Cream

PRO-JEUNESSE CREME A highly efficient cream recommended especially for intensive support of skin functions during...

138 Age Reverse Eye Cream

PRO-JEUNESSE CREME CONTOUR DES YEUX An intense cream with lifting and rejuvenating action. It is a comprehensive care...

139 HydraCalm Cream-Gel

HYDRACALM GEL-CREME A velvety formula with gel-cream texture gives optimum hydration, eliminating roughness and the...