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173 Depigment Cream SPF 50+

A specialized cream providing very high sun protection. Designed for the daily care of skin prone to hyperpigmentation

Microbiome Renewal Shot...

The concentrated power of the active ingredients found within this product, bring balance to the skin’s   natural...

126 HyalurOxy Rich Cream

Nourishing, intensely moisturizing cream for dry, very dry and mature skin. Rich and velvety texture guarantees...

174 Depigment Night Cream

Brightening and exfoliating night cream with acids. This irreplaceable product corrects and reduces both the size and...

127 Oxy Skin Cell Activator

A concentrated dose of active substances enclosed in an ampoule. The formula contains a technologically advanced Cell...

125 HyalurSoft Cream

Intensively moisturizing cream with a light texture for all skin types, especially dry and dehydrated. Thanks to the...

164 ear-Hook Mask

Moisturizing and firming skin mask soaked with essences rich in natural collagen and vitamin E.

150 Enzymatic Face Powder

Innovative 2in1 product - for washing and peeling. The powder after mixing with water creates an exfoliating foam,...