Oxygen O2

To maintain a youthful and fresh look, skin needs oxygen.

Oxygen is the energy donor for cell division and renovation, as with the years, skin blood vessels compress, thus reducing the necessary amount of oxygen in cells, which in turn affects cells’ capacity for regeneration.

Skin loses its compact structure, the depth of wrinkles increases and skin grows weaker and older. Compressed vessels are visible to the naked eye and skin becomes reddened.

At 30, skin has lost 25 per cent of its oxygen content, at 40 oxygen reduction reaches 50 per cent and dilated vessels are visible to the naked eye.

On the other hand, our daily routine, the environment we live in and our habits may lead to an asphyxiated skin full of toxins. Heating or air conditioning, pollution or even the treated water from the tap may result in skin intoxication and lead to the formation of spots and to that “greenish” colour that is so typical of asphyxiated skins.

Oxygen02 by Freihaut Cosmetics introduces a system for skin care free of parabens and PEGs. It increases oxygen assimilation by skin cells, improves blood flow and cell respiration is intensified.

TelangynTM is the new tetrapeptide developed by Lipotec laboratories that combats the undesired effects caused by capillary dilation and tissue degradation.

Thanks to the dynamics developed by cell activities the depth of wrinkles is reduced. The skin absorbs more moisture again and presents a homogeneous, vivacious and less reddened appearance.

Skin cells receive fresh energy. Its success is impressive!

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