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122 Brightening Base SPF 50+

CREME ÉCLAIRCISSANT Cream-base suitable for complete care of all skin types. Ultra-light, velvety formula provides...

149 Peptide Hydrogel Eye...

PATCHS HYDROGEL AUX PEPTIDES POUR LES YEUS A moisturizing, soothing and rejuvenating treatment for the skin under the...

125 HyalurSoft Cream

HYALURSOFT CRÈME Intensively moisturizing cream with a light texture for all skin types, especially dry and...

150 Enzymatic Face Powder

Poudre pour le visage enzymatique Innovative 2in1 product – for washing and peeling. The powder after mixing with...

119 Repairing Night Peel

EXFOLIANT RÉPARATEUR NUIT Revolutionary cream for daily care with exfoliating and biostimulating action. Suitable for...

135 + mini product

Freebie : 135 Age Reverse Concentrate with mini product

112 Age Control Eye Cream

CREME CONTOUR YEUX ANTI-ÂGE Rejuvenating cream designed for eye area care. 98% of the ingredients are of natural...

104 Advanced Rice Cream

CREME AVANCÉE AU RIZ Lightweight product designed for treating mature skin, especially with tendency to dehydration....

111 Soothing Cream

CREME APAISANTE Product for sensitive skin and vascular problems. Restores the balance of hydrolipid and provides...

118 Gentle Toner

LOTION TONIQUE DOUCE Renewing toner, recommended for the daily care of every type skin. 97% of the ingredients are of...

114 Protective Mist SPF 50+

BRUME PROTECTRICE SPF 50+ The innovative formula allows for a pleasant and quick application.  150 ml