Two phases perfectly mixed each other for a detox action. It is perfect for retail use, and offers a complete treatment during the night due to its innovative multifunction bi-phasic formulation.

 • Nourishing phase (45%)

 • Exfoliating phase (55%)

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Bi-phase Adipo Night

Latest generation biphasic body peeling. It exfoliates the skin and activates the metabolism during the night giving...

Bi-Phase Urban Pure

The Urban Pure cocktail has been formulated not only to regenerate the skin during the night, but also to protect it...

Bi-Phase Antioxy Plus

The blend of Ferulic, Lactobionic and Lactate Acids has been formulated for an effective antioxidant action. It...

Bi-Phase Soften Purifyer

The blend of Azelaic and Succinic Acids has been formulated for an effective purifying action. Bacteriostatic and...