SensiSkin Garden Ceremony

SensiSkin Garden Ceremony is a line created for sensitive, irritable skin.

Like the Garden of Eden or a backyard herbarium, it spreads the charms of nature enclosed within carefully elaborated formulas which enchant with subtle aromas. The series based on ingredients of plant origin is dedicated to various types of sensitive skin – oily, mixed and dry – regardless of age. The SensiSkin Garden Ceremony line ensures complex care thanks to carefully selected assuasive and soothing active ingredients. Allantoin has a regenerating effect and accelerates the healing process. Aloe has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Horse chestnut extract and witch hazel strengthen blood vessels, mollify and reduce erythema.

Active filters

110 Soothing Elixir

ÉLIXIR APAISANT An intensive, soothing-moisturizing treatment for sensitive skin prone to irritation. Concentrated...

111 Soothing Cream

CREME APAISANTE Product for sensitive skin and vascular problems. Restores the balance of hydrolipid and provides...

128 Raspberry Concentrate

CONCENTRÉ DE FRAMBOISE Ampoule containing a concentrated dose of the active substances. 98% of the ingredients are of...