HydraOxy Intense

Poor oxygenation disturbs the skin’s regenerative processes.

The skin gets older faster, becomes sallow, and loses its glow. The new moisturizing and oxygenating HydraOxy Intense line was created with the needs of such skin, as well as for dry, dehydrated and mature skin. The use of technologically advanced complexes guarantees elevated cellular respiration. Other active ingredients used in the products restore the skin’s proper moisture level. This improves the overall condition of the skin, improves microcirculation and regeneration capacity. The complexion gains a healthy glow, is smooth and the symptoms of aging are reduced.

Active filters

125 HyalurSoft Cream

HYALURSOFT CRÈME Intensively moisturizing cream with a light texture for all skin types, especially dry and...

126 HyalurOxy Rich Cream

HYALUROXY CRÈME RICHE Nourishing, intensely moisturizing cream for dry, very dry and mature skin. Rich and velvety...

127 Oxy Skin Cell Activator

OXY ACTIVATEUR DE CELLULES CUTANÉES A concentrated dose of active substances enclosed in an ampoule. The formula...