Balanced Face

Because true beauty springs from nature, Freihaut Cosmetics combines natural essences that work in synergy to make the most of the natural power by focusing its action inside the skin to keep it young, beautiful and healthy.

Balanced Face by Freihaut Cosmetics is designed to address skin problems that are small everyday obstacles to the work of the beautician: acne, dermatitis, scars, dilated pore, aging…

Because of its method of work and also its formulation, Freihaut Cosmetics is an exceptional tool for the beautician. It works on a biotechnology-based methodology that seeks to leave behind the deficiencies found in the market whether in the time of manufacturing, application or when providing information and expert advice. 

Experience has proven that natural extracts tend to have a softer effect and a more balanced action because of the presence of other organic components that enhance the chemical reactions. It is also a solution proposed by Nature to solve impure and irritated skins.

Some vegetal extracts used are: arnica, birch, marigold, ivy, lavender, etc.

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