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126 HyalurOxy Rich Cream

HYALUROXY CRÈME RICHE Nourishing, intensely moisturizing cream for dry, very dry and mature skin. Rich and velvety...

127 Oxy Skin Cell Activator

OXY ACTIVATEUR DE CELLULES CUTANÉES A concentrated dose of active substances enclosed in an ampoule. The formula...

125 HyalurSoft Cream

HYALURSOFT CRÈME Intensively moisturizing cream with a light texture for all skin types, especially dry and...

150 Enzymatic Face Powder

Poudre pour le visage enzymatique Innovative 2in1 product – for washing and peeling. The powder after mixing with...

148 Pro-Vascular Green Cream

PRO-VASCULAIRE VERT CRÉME A facial care product with a light consistency, recommended for vascular skin or with...

147 Pro-Vascular Mousse Mask

MASQUE MOUSSE PRO-VASCULAIRE A mask dedicated to a sensitive and vascular complexion with a pleasant consistency of...

145 Eye Cream Perfector

CREME PERFECTRICE DES YEUX Eye care cream dedicated to mature skin, with concentrated rejuvenating action. The...

144 VitC Cream Perfector

VITC CREME PERFECTRICE A beautifying cream for all skin types, especially mature skin with uneven tone. Together with...

143 VitC Serum Perfector

VITC SÉRUM PERFECTEUR A beautifying serum for all skin types, especially mature skin with uneven tone. 10% Triple...

142 Perfector Concentrate

CONCENTRÉ DE PERFECTRICE A specialist product to retain young and radiant look despite the pass of time. The...

140 Retinol Night Cream 0,5%

RÉTINOL CREME DE NUIT A cream showing intense regeneration and repair effects.  50 ml/1,7 Fl.oz

139 HydraCalm Cream-Gel

HYDRACALM GEL-CREME A velvety formula with gel-cream texture gives optimum hydration, eliminating roughness and the...