Tightcel Cream

Extremely firming and hydrating cream with slimming effect.



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Extremely firming and hydrating cream with slimming effect.

Type of skin: It is suitable for all skin types, particularly for the care of dry, flaccid skins.

Size: 250 ml

Active substances: Vitis vinifera, Prunus persica, Shea parkii butter, Allantoina

Properties:  The oil from the seed of Vitis Vinifera – rich in rutin – has activating properties for the muscular system. It transports free fatty acids to the muscle where they are transformed into energy. It promotes the circulation of the deep vascular system enhancing the oxygenation of tissue. and increasing turgidity and tissue regeneration. Flavonoids and vitamins prevent the formation of free radicals and deeply nourish tissue so that skin looks revitalized, young and extremely hydrated.

Application: Apply with a gently, ascending massage.


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