Cocktail Bi-Phase

Two phases perfectly mixed each other for a DETOX action.

 • Nourishing phase (45%)

 • Exfoliating phase (55%)

 • For retail use

 • Innovative multifunctional bi-phasic formulations

 • Complete treatment during night

Active filters

Bi-Phase De-Spot

Mandelic AcidMalic Acid Arbutin Derivate of ResorcinolThe Formula has been formulated for an effective antioxidant...

Bi-Phase Soften Purifyer

Azelaic AcidSuccinic Acid Extract of Soy, Cumin and willowThe Formula has been formulated for an effective purifying...

Bi-Phase Antioxy Plus

Ferulic AcidLactobionic AcidLactic Acid Ubiquinon Alpha lipoic acidThe Formula has been formulated for a cosmetic...

Bi-Phase Urban Pure

Avocado oil: Regenerative and photoprotective properties Perfect to improve the skin barrier leaving it soft Ideal...

Bi-phase Adipo Night 165ml

 indicated for imperfections due to water ratention and localized adiposity Adipo night's biphasic technology allows...